Model S120-875W

Certification Suitable for wet locations
Lamp Metal halide
Power output 875 watts
Lumen 95000 Lumens
Color temperature 4000 Kelvin
Socket E39
Electric inflator 110V or 220V
Structure Flame-retardant fiber glass
Case dimensions 61cm L x 46cm W x 61cm H
Total dimensions (functioning) 61cm L x 46cm W x 472cm H
Weight 30 Kg
Fabric tube Rip-stop nylon, flame-retardant
Tube length 4.2m
Operating environment Maximum altitude 1000m
Optimal operating temperature -15 C to +40 C
Accessories 4 Anchors (pegs), 4 Tethers, 1 CD
Standard colours Red, yellow, blue, white

Model G-120-875W with built-in generator

Generator output 2.6Kw (Can plug in a second 875W Luminite Tower or two extra 2.15m towers @ 400W each)
Engine Subaru 6HP 4 stroke OHC
Running time (full tank) 6 to 7 hours
Weight 55 Kg
Total dimensions 71.1cm L x 56cm W x 76.2cm H
Total dimensions (functioning) 71.1cm L x 56cm W x 487.6cm H

The Luminite Tower will light up an area of 8100m² or 2 acres.


The integrated generator version of the Luminite tower is powerful enough to supply a second tower at 875W or two towers at 400W, creating endless application possibilities.

All other characteristics same as Model S120 - 875W, above

Shuttering Technology Ltd. has been awarded exclusive rights to distribute the revolutionary new product Luminite in Ireland & U.K. We are currently seeking reputable companies to resell this product in the construction, emergency services, military, and event management sectors. Please contact Philip on 00353 (0)86 600 5756 or email for more information.
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